Bike Trip to Leh – Ladakh

The Dream ride to the magical landscape of Ladakh !!!

Ladakh Bike Trip

The experience of riding bike on the Ladakh terrain is unparalleled .. Slush and streams, snow fall, rain , violent water crossing and occasionally a smooth ride on a beautifully tarred road ( Riding on Moreh Plains is an absolutely divine experience ), you will have it all .. The evenings are spent in beautiful locations, making the whole experience magical. This is one drive which you should take in your life time

Drive Summary & Option

If you are an experienced rider and are fit then you can certainly take the challenge of the entire route on the bike. You can choose the entire circle from Delhi to Srinagar to Leh and then to Manali and finally Delhi or the other way around Or a Round trip from Manali

Experienced Riders, take the round road trip from Manali Or bikers looking to challenge themselves Or take the full Srinagar – Leh – Manali route

For first timers and inexperienced riders, we recommend a part SUV , part biking trip .. this way you can understand the rigour of the journey and be prepared next time for a full bike trip ..

The roads around Leh are excellent and even first timers should try to ride a bike around Leh .. Leh to Lamayuru or Leh to Moreh plains via Tanglung La are 2 excellent routes for first timers ..

Leh to Lamayuru is an excellent beginner ride, its smooth, roads are excellent, views are fantastic

Leh to Moreh Plains is also an excellent ride

Our Promise : Whatever your fitness and riding skills, we can design the right plan for you.

Bike Trip To Ladakh Packages

Bike Trip Via Manali

SUV & Bike Trip From Delhi


Bike Quality

Though 350 CC bike is also good for the terrain but the charm of 500CC is something totally different so based on our experience now we only conduct trips with 

Royal Enfield 500 CC, takes your Ladakh road trip experience to another level

Trip Essentials
Ladakh Bike Trip

Ladakh Bike Trip


Is Mechanic Important ? 

While for short trip around Leh, a mechanic may not be necessary .. For longer trips, it is important that a trained mechanic is part of the team .. Minor repairs and breakdown can be fixed and you can keep on the schedule .. If not your trip will be seriously jeopardised.

Yes, for longer trip a Mechanic is absolutely important so that you can keep to the schedule and recover from failure

Support Vehicle 

If you are driving solo or a small group of 2-4 riders then adding a support vehicle will increase the cost quite a bit.. In this scenario, ask for luggage carrier which is fitted on the bikes and pack smartly so that you can carry luggage on the bike itself. Care must be taken to cover the luggage so that it is safe from all elements ( Dust, rain, snow ).

For experienced riders adding a carrier will not make much of a difference but for novice it adds to the difficulty as it demands increased balance and more toughness to negotiate tricky sections so take informed decision.

For example, imagine crossing this type of section with fully loaded bike

Stream Crossing in Ladakh

Bike Accessories 

If you are planning the entire trip on bike then do invest in good personal riding gear from gloves, to knee guard, jackets, shoes etc so that you are properly equipped for the journey.

View the packages that are designed for the trip. These are some of the suggested itinerary and we will happy to make a customised plan for your group

Bike Trip To Ladakh Packages

Bike Trip Via Manali

SUV & Bike Trip From Delhi


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  1. Kavita Rajani says:

    We are planning to take a ride from manali to leh after 15th may 2017. Can you help us with the arrangementsame for the same.

    • Hello Kavita,

      It is unlikely that the Manali Leh section will be open by 15th May .. However if your dates are fixed then the only possible option is Srinagar to Leh .. You can check packages on our portal .. If you are flexible to change your dates starting June, then Manali Leh section can also be done, but not before 7th June ..

  2. Another beautiful option is to the bike trip around Leh … Towards Lamayuru / Kargil and then to Nubra and Pangong as well .. and parts of Manali – Leh drive from Leh … It will be a good trip .. which is feasible in the month of May .. But bear in Mind to carry proper biking gear as regular clothing will be not be suitable for the trip to Ladakh ..

  3. planning to take a ride from manali to leh during month of June to July 2017. Can you help me for the same.
    I want bajaj avenger bike for this tour, is if possible

  4. aritra basu says:

    Manali -leh – manali… Need Bike trip all details ..i have no bike so that i have to rent from manali..

  5. Siddhant Bitla says:

    Can you help me with what will the weather condition in August month !!
    Accordingly it wil help me to pack my bags…

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