Shekhawati Havelis

Shekhawati Region in eastern Rajasthan, was home to the merchants trading on the silk route ( Asia - Europe - Africa)

Shekhawati Region in eastern Rajasthan, was home to the merchants trading on the silk route ( Asia – Europe – Africa). … These traders migrated to Calcutta and Bombay when the ports opened for business … this happened after the arrival of Britishers in India … From Lakshmi Niwas Mittal to Birla,Dalmia,Poddar,Piramal, all emerged from this region … The richest people in the country which control almost every sector of the Indian Economy is from this region … These traders constructed haveli’s which acted as their base to do trade .. The walls of the haveli’s are decorated with Fresco Paintings which is unique to this region …. Alsisar Mahal is one of the option to stay during your visit to the Shekhawati Region .. Other option is Vivaana .. Between the two, we recommend Vivaana for its excellent service and good heritage feel …


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List of Best Hotels in Ladakh

While driving through the rugged terrain of ladakh, days are usually spent on the road and visiting various sites .. If you end the day in a lovely property in a beautiful location it enhances the overall experience of road trip many fold .. Based on our regular visits to the region, we have handpicked the best hotels in Ladakh to enhance your overall road trip …

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Road Trip to Leh-Ladakh

About This blog is about a trip we did in July 2015 to the most sought-after destination LEH-LADAKH. Cut out from the rest of the world, it was a combination of adventure and bliss surrounded by ice capped mountains, beautiful landscapes, best roads, worst roads, sunny weather to rain to snow fall-all witnessed in a single day, meeting wonderful people, …

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Bike Trip to Ladakh

This video is created in collaboration with our Guests who did Bike Trip to Ladakh with us. Unwind Outdoor would like to thank Hari and his group of friends from Singapore and Harun with his friends from Malaysia .. The experience of riding bike on the Ladakh terrain is unparalleled .. Slush and streams, snow fall, rain , violent water crossing …

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Self Drive SUV For Ladakh

It is important that the vehicle is checked thoroughly before it is driven on the ladakh terrain. Most Self Drive Rental companies as a standard practice only follow manufacturers guidance for service. But in case of Ladakh, this is grossly inadequate. Before every Ladakh road trip, the vehicle must be checked thoroughly and preventive maintenance done to avoid breakdown. It …

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Leh to Pangong Road Trip

Phunsukh Wangdu ( Amir khan ) saw his dream girl Kareena Kapoor come in on the scooter, dressed in as his bride in the climax scene of 3 Idiots. If you remember the beautiful lake where the whole scene was shot, that lake is Pangong Tso Pangong Tso beauty cannot be described but can only be experienced. While most do …

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