4 Day Driving Adventure to Chandratal

Have limited time but want to make sure you have the best experience, here is the best itinerary

Day 1 – Delhi to Manali ( Solang )


You can take an overnight volvo to reach Manali. Most volvo’s start in the evening and reach in the morning. If you are planning to drive down directly from Delhi, then start early morning from Delhi at 4 AM or 5 AM at the most. It is a long drive.

If you are doing a self drive trip, here are the complete details about delhi to manali journey

Once you reach, plan a night halt in Solang and not in Manali. This is required and absolutely essential for a comfortable trip to Chandratal. Kindly do not take this step lightly and there are no exceptions to this.


Day 2 – Solang to Sissu via Rohtang La

An exciting drive today from Solang to the Lahaul Valley. Sissu is a small village next to the Chandra river. At Tandi ( A short distance from Sissu ) the river meets with Bhagha river and then goes via the Pangi Valley into Jammu and Kashmir before

Sissu Falls

Sissu Falls

entering into Pakistan. This river is called the Chenab river. Sissu is a serene village and the entire experience of this valley is absolutely gorgeous. If you like you can head to Keylong and the visit the Kardang Monastery which is the largest monastery in Lahaul.

Start early to enjoy the drive and reach early so that you can spend as much time in Lahaul

Day 3 – Sissu to Chandratal ( Back to Sissu after mid Sept )

You must start real early today from Sissu to make the most of your day today at Chandratal. Be ready for the real adventure. The roads as of 2015 are almost missing today. Bumpy rides/ dirt tracks and streams welcome you to day but it is all worth the effort as the magnificent lake makes its first appearance. After you reach the main camping ground. Off load your bags and begin the walk to the lake. Do enjoy a cup of tea at the Dhabhas especially at Batal

Day 4 – Chandratal to Manali Or Sissu to Manali ( After mid Sept )

As per your convenience, head back to Manali.

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