Different Months offer different experience of the Spiti Valley

For example in May, if you are planning to go then, you can only approach the Spiti valley from the Kinnaur Side ( Manali side will be closed – Even Rohtang Pass will be closed )

In June, there is hardly any change in the situation. Kunzum La / Chandratal will still be inaccessible by road. It will be snow bound

May & June, only partial trip to Spiti is feasible, Kunzum / Chandratal will be inaccessible

Till June End, Spiti is accessible only via Kinnaur side ( Depends on snow fall ). No fixed date is given by govt

Starting July, we can begin to enjoy the entire road trip to Spiti

From the Manali side, however it is much more predictable approach. Kunzum La is challenging pass because the conditions of the roads is really bad. The pass usually opens in July and remains open till snowfall happens in Oct/Nov. As is common in the region, there is possibility of snow anytime throughout the year. Do not be surprised that the high passes are closed even during the summer months, it is though a temporary phenomenon and usually clears in few days. In order to plan well, do keep a few buffer days for any contingency.

Kunzum La, generally opens in July

In terms of challenge, when you drive through in early season, you will encounter maximum snow at Kunzum La coupled with bad roads. The streams also will be at their raging best if you cross after 2 PM, this will be an good test of your driving skills. So wear your seat belts and be ready for the challenge. By end July, the ice on the road would have melted mostly but the streams would still give you a challenge.

Sept/Oct will be easiest to negotiate and in Oct you will also witness the Autumn hues with leaves changing its color from Green to Yellow. Autumn is a delightful time to experience this region and is one of the safest time to visit as well. So for families/couples not looking for any unexpected situation Sept/Oct is ideal.

Sept & Oct is ideal for a serene experience of Spiti Valley ..

Before starting your trip from Nov check Snowfall condition and then proceed, Do not preplan. Special precautions are required when travelling in snow conditions.