12 Day Driving Adventure Through Spiti Valley

The best itinerary for the remote Spiti Valley !!!

Day 1 – Delhi to Narkanda ( Alternatively Chandigarh to Narkanda ) – 390 kms – 9 hrs

Start from Delhi to Narkanda, It is a smooth 4 lane highway all the way till Pinjore. The joruney will be fast till Pinjore and then it will slow down as the hill climb will begin from here and the road will switch to 2 lane highway. The road conditions is mostly good and smooth. There are plenty of renouned Dhabhas which will offer great food. Do enjoy tea by the road side for a typical north indian experience. Narkanda is nearly 65 kms from Shimla and Matiana where your stay is planned is nearly 12 kms before it. Start as ealrly as possible latest by 8 AM

Day 2 – Leisure Day in Narkanda

Leisure Day in Narkanda. Do not miss the opportunity of driving to Hatu Peak, for a glorious 360 degree view of the Himalayas. The Drive is steep and challenging and covered with Dense Pine Forest. It will be a thrilling experience.  Also worth visiting is a sleepy village and a small lake Tanjubaar. Have your lunch in Narkanda Market .. Enjoy your sunset and Sunrise from Narkanda .. 

Day 3 – Narkanda to Sangla – 165 kms – 6 to 7 hrs

Enjoy the early morning sunrise from the Narkanda Valley and take in your breakfast at leisure. The Glorious Sangla Valley will mesmerise you with its beauty, sitting by the Baspa river will be an experience to remember. Road Conditions are good all the way till

Baspa Valley

Baspa Valley

Raksham. Once you take the diversion towards Sangla from Rakhsham, the road condition is narrow and bmpy. Start no later then 9 AM from Narkanda so that you reach well in time during the day at Sangla. Batseri Village is about 5 kms ahead of Sangla where the camps are located .

Ensure that you must refuel on the way either at Narkanda or on the highway near Rampur as no fuel is available at Sangla. !!!!


Day 4 – Day trip to Chitkul – Hike to Nagasti

One of the most gorgeous drive you will undertake is from Sangla to Chitkul. Though the distance is short but the Baspa Valley will



surely take your breath away. Plenty of photo opportunities exist on the route. The rugged and yet green mountains will remain firmly itched in your memory. From Chitkul, do take the gentle walk towards the ITBP check post in Nagasti Check post, it will be quite refreshing and indeed very picturesque. If you happen to travel in tourist season, do plan to leave early so that you avoid the tourist rush. Cafe 42 is delightful cafe in Sangla to enjoy a meal or a cup of coffee

Day 5 – Sangla to Nako Lake 124 kms – 4 hrs

From Sangla to Spello, the road conditions are really bad due to the flooding of 2013. The progress will be slow here. You can break in

Nako Lake

Nako Lake

Spello for tea/lunch and continue further till we we enter into the airid and dry landscape of Spiti near Dubling. From Dubling, we move towards Khab Sangam, from here on the Spiti Valley is very narrow and the road condition steep and dangerous, so drive carefully. Due to bad road conditions, the estimated time of journey is more then usual. Nako village is quaint and the typical architecture and set up of the village will enchant you. It will give you a good rural experience by staying here for the night. Mix with the locals and understand their culture. Nako is a pond if you compare it with Lakes of Ladakh but still serene and peaceful

Day 6 – Nako to Kaza – 80 kms 4-5 hrs

The journey to Kaza is short but we have plently planned for you today, provided Maling Nullah does not create any major hindrance for you. First you must take a detour from the main highway to Gyu Village . The story goes that about 45-50 years ago when the Indian army was digging to build bunkers at Gyu village, their digging instruments hit a body. This body started bleeding from the corner of its mouth and they couldn’t really decipher what was going on. The body was excavated placed in a small mud hut. No special precautions have been taken to preserve this body. It is said that the body is still in the same state as the day it was dug out and that its hair is still growing and monks from around come once a year to collect its hair to take it back for worship. It is said that this body is of a lama in deep meditation and that he still hasn’t died. Whatever the real story, it does make for an awesome experience and a great story to tell firsthand. In Tabo visit the 1000 year old Monastery which is made entirely from Mud … Relish the local architecture and the peace here



Shortly as you cross Tabo you will visit the Dhankar Monastery which is slight detour from the main highway. The view of the Spiti Valley from Dhankar Monastery is mesmerising and do remember to take the1 hour hike ( Each side ) to Dhankar lake ( Must visit ) . Just check from the locals the way to the lake and walk up to wards it. There is no place to eat here so kindly some food items and water along with you on this trek. After the Trek you can head back to the highway or go towards Lalung Village and then to Kaza from Lalung

Day 7 : Drive to Pin Valley ( 120 kms Kaza – Mudh – Kaza, 5 to 6 hrs )

Before you head for the drive, you can spend some time at the Kaza Monastery ( Tangyud Monastery ) Located a few kms away from the main town

Drive to Pin Valley all the way till Mudh Village. Drive towards Tabo and then cross over a bridge to the other side of Spiti River. The road is mostly dirt track but it is quite remote and will give you a feeling of complete wilderness. Packed Lunch must be taken along as there are no places to eat on the way. Few villages with scanty population along the major tributary of Spiti river… Enjoy the drive in wilderness today all the way till Mud ( Mud has some local bakeries, please carry food along with you ) . Mud is a small village and is the starting point of the Pin Parvati Trek

Day 8 – Drive to Langza / Ki / Kibber

Your trip to Spiti is incomplete without a visit to Langza which is a small and most beautiful village set at an altitude of 4500 m amidst



grand himalayan peaks and sprawling meadows. The remote windings roads take you to neighbouring villages ( Komic, and all the way till Demul ) so drive for as long as you want on this piece of heaven.

Post lunch enjoy the drive to Ki / Kibber

Day 9 : Kaza to Chandratal

A very scenic drive all the way. The Spiti valley is really wide and the Spiti River meandering along in multiple channels. You will find many small villages along the highway. Enjoy the drive and take it slow. Losar is the last village in Spiti, break here for tea at a local dhabha. As you cross Losar, you begin the ascend to Kunzum the

Chandratal @14500 ft

Chandratal @14500 ft

road conditions is all dirt track, it will be a bumpy ride with river streams which eases out by Sept. Enjoy the views from Kunzum La top at 4551 m, the highest point in your journey. Just before Batal you have to turn right towards Chandratal. This section of 10 kms will be a demanding drive. The last 2 kms is done as a trek to reach the lake. Its a long day so start early from Kaza, latest by 7 AM so that you have enough time to reach and enjoy the lake before enjoying a glorious evening at this magical place

Day 10 : Chandratal to Manali

Due to widening of the road till Rohtang top, the condition of the road is really bad and really bumpy, you can damage the vehicle here so drive carefully. Once you are at the top, the road conditions are excellent throughout.

Day 11 : Manali to Chandigarh

Day 12 : Chandigarh to Delhi