Ladakh Road Trip

When it comes to Ladakh reaching destination is not the goal. The Drive is the Holiday !!


Ladakh ( Also known as the land of high passes ) is undoubtedly the Roof of the World. Travelling at these heights, the massive snow clad peaks do not tower over you but merely an arm stretch away. The crystal clear atmosphere, the clear blue skies, the star studded night sky & the patterns in the mountain with its myriad hues will leave you awestruck … 


The video just sums up your experience of Ladakh Road Trip.. This video is created in collaboration with our Guests who did bike trips with us. Unwind Outdoor would like to thank Hari with his group of friends from Singapore and Harun with his friends from Malaysia ..

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Most Comprehensive Detailed Day wise Plan For Ladakh Road Trip 
Day 8 : Nubra Valley to Pangong via Shyok

Route : Hunder – Diskit – Khalsar – Agyam – Shyok – Durbuk – Tangste – Lukung – Spangmik 

Attractions : Wilderness Drive to Agyam, Drive through Shyok RIver Bed  

Distance : 155 kms 6 hrs ( 1 hrs of stoppage time, total 7 hrs )  

Road Condition : Bad after Agyam ( Lot of slides , dry river bed , etc If its raining then this section is very tricky 4×4 preferred if not dry )  

Food Recommendation : Dhabas are only available near Durbuk ( You wil find an odd tea shop on way before that ) – Khalsar has some Dhabhas ( Pack your food from the camp / hotel in Nubra and then have it at a place of your choice ) 

Deciding whether to go from Srinagar Or Manali Side to Ladakh ?

The Roads from Srinagar to Leh opens by May while the Manali Leh Section only opens by June 

So the first question is which route should I take ?

  • Should I take the Manali Side or the Srinagar side ?
  • Or should I fly to Leh ??

If you are taking only one route then Manali side wins for people who love wilderness and nature. While if you like comfort then choose Srinagar side over Manali. Its because the journey from Manali to Leh is quite bumpy, road conditions are poor when compared to Srinagar side and and there are various elements of nature which can provide additional challenge. Manali – Leh has very few villages and town en route giving you a complete feeling of isolation and with nature.

Manali – Leh section is best for adventure / wilderness lovers

Srinagar side on the other hand, the road conditions are mostly good ( Except Zoji La ), the roads are mostly wide as well, chances of river streams crossing are remote , chances of snow fall is negligible, tricky section is just limited to crossing Zoji La and then mostly it is a smooth ride.

Srinagar – Leh side is best for people leading a sedentary life Or want more comfortable ride Or you are traveling with small kids

If you plan to cover both Srinagar and Manali side, then it doesn’t matter which side you choose first

Choose to fly to Leh, if you don’t like road journey or you are short of time

Another key factor is the number of days you have for your holiday. Ladakh holiday is unique and must be done at a slow pace for best experience. If you try to fit too many destinations and go at a fast pace, you will not enjoy your holiday.

Suraj Tal

These are Serene blue waters of Suraj Tal, just 3-5 kms before Baralacha La

The drive is best done at a leisurely pace, taking stops at where ever you like and just soaking in the nature, have a tea break or just stop by the stream.

Besides, the terrain is such that there is uncertainty due to elements of nature and one needs to keep some buffer in hand. I’ll elaborate that later but right now, am just providing key summary for your planning.

Ladakh holiday must be done at a slow pace for best experience.

The experience also varies with Season i.e. in May / June when there is more snow in the high passes, it is more challenging to drive with narrow roads/ traffic and melting snow creates an additional challenge. You need higher skills to drive during this time. Where as when you drive later in the season say in Aug & Sept, then the ride is much smoother and dry, there is little traffic on the road and conditions are generally quite benign. So it is perfect for first time and less adventurous people.

I’ll just conclude for Ladakh Holiday

Reaching destination is not the goal rather enjoying the drive is the goal. The drive is the holiday.
It makes for the wonderful corollary in real life as well, enjoy each day of life because Life is a journey too. If you are not enjoying each day of your life chances are you would not like your destination as well.



Here are some of the common questions that you may have in mind for Ladakh Road Trip

  • Can I do this trip alone, how are the conditions?
  • Should I do it on a bike or hire a taxi or do a self drive trip, which Car/SUV is suitable or which bike is suitable?
  • Which month should I travel ( Which month is better ) ?
  • Should I go via Srinagar or via Manali, how much will it cost and there could be many questions?
  • What about Mobile network and data network?
  • Where can I get Laundry Service .. Do I need to pack for all 12-15 days or can I get my clothes washed?
  • What kind of stay facilities are there on way?
  • And many more ?

To answer these and many more of your questions, we have created an FAQ, you may go through it and and we are sure you will find this helpful

Ladakh Road Trip FAQ

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  1. Monika says:

    Hi, we (couple) are planning to go ladakh in mid of June’17, can we travel with i10 grand or i20 ?
    or we have to hire SUV for for this trip. and how long it will take to complete the entire trip, which route we should follow, what kind of luggage/essential we have to carry with us.

  2. Harsh Bhavsar says:

    I’m planning on 2nd September for Leh Tour via Delhi-Manli-Leh- Srinagar. We’re 4 Persons. If you have good plan please suggest us. We have 12 Days 11 Nights. Me email id is Give me suitable package for this.

  3. Ajay Kumar Shrivastava says:

    We shall be a family of eight (all adults) wanting to travel from Delhi to Srinagar by flight on 28th or 29th May. From there, we want to visit Leh / Laddakh by road with tentative stay at Leh/Laddakh for 5 or 6 nights. After return to Srinagar, we plan to visit nearby areas for a couple of days. Then return to Delhi by Air/Rail/Road.
    Request provide a package plan for above itinary including air tickets, accommodation in standard rooms (twin sharing) with breakfast (dinner can also be included as option with proposed increase in price), all transportation and permits if required.

    Ajay Shrivastava Mobile : 9935127766

    • From Srinagar back to Srinagar, you need atleast 9 days, we cannot do this trip in less time then this …. For 5 to 6 nights, you need to fly to Leh directly …

  4. himanshu sekhar satapathy says:

    what is the price of a suv for rent to travel to ladakh from delhi

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