Leh to Pangong Road Trip

Drop of nectar to the Parched Soul !!! A sea of blue and serenity at 15000 ft above sea level

Phunsukh Wangdu ( Amir khan ) saw his dream girl Kareena Kapoor come in on the scooter, dressed in as his bride in the climax scene of 3 Idiots. If you remember the beautiful lake where the whole scene was shot, that lake is Pangong Tso

Pangong Tso beauty cannot be described but can only be experienced. While most do a day trip to the lake, but we highly recommend that you spend at least a day here watching the myriad colors of the lake at different times of the day. The sunset & the sunrise are the best time to witness the sheer beauty of this place. The migratory birds add a special feel to the whole experience. Reaching the lake itself is an experience to remember.

Pangong Tso In the Evening

Important considerations for your visit to Pangong Tso

Pangong is @ 15,000 ft so proper acclimatization is important

  • If you are leading a sedentary life then you must give enough time to your body to adjust before planning a night halt here.
  • Even after this, if you feel uncomfortable and your situation worsens, take no chances and head down to Tangste. Tangste is a small village/town 50 kms before Pangong Tso and is at a lower altitude and also has place to stay so that you are comfortable in the night
  • While for a day visit, no caution may be necessary. You can go and if you don’t feel good at that altitude, you can always begin the return drive early
  • You must first make a visit to Nubra Valley for a night and then plan a night in Pangong Tso. Never go to Pangong, just the next day of arriving in Leh

Drive down to Tangste if you encounter AMS @ Pangong Tso 

Pangong @ Night

Possible Plans For Pangong

  • Drive from Leh to Pangong via Chang La ( 155 kms ~ about 5 hrs of drive )
  • Drive from Nubra via Aghyam & Shyok to Pangong ( 165 kms ~ about 6 hrs of drive )
  • Drive from Nubra via Wari La / Chang La to Pangong ( 220 kms ~ about 8-9 hrs of drive )

( Each of these blogs coming up shortly )

Beyond Pangong

From Pangong one can either return to Leh or continue driving all along the lake shore till Chushul and head  to Tso Moriri / Hanle. Permits required for all ( Indian Nationals as well as foreign Nationals ) in order to visit Chushul ( Bordering China )

Tso Moriri / Hanle / Sarchu are all around 15,000 ft and hence staying back to back at these altitude may trigger AMS for people leading sedentary life. If you are an active person go and enjoy the wilderness

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