Ladakh Sarai

Just 20 minutes drive from Leh in beautiful Village of Saboo Ladakh Sarai offers unique camping experience for nature lovers !!!

Raw Surroundings of Ladakh Sarai

Ladakh Sarai is perfect for nature lovers.

The surrounding are natural and raw set in a quaint village near Leh town. There are no markets, no traffic near by. You can completely at peace here. For its location, Ladakh Sarai gets a big thumbs up from Unwind Outdoor

Ladakh Sarai

Another unique aspect of Ladakh Sarai are its yurt style Tents. It is hexagonal in shape and is used by Nomads of high altitude to build temporary structures. Hexagonal structures are very stable given the high altitude plains are subject to lot of winds. Though the camp is permanent with all the modern facilities.

Yurt Style Exterior of the Tent, the permanent structure is the toilet which is attached to every tent

Yurt Style Tent Exterior of Ladakh Sarai

Another unique experience you will get here is the way they serve their dinner. It is a community dining experience. You will eat together with other travelers and get a chance to exchange ideas / travel experience. Ladakh Sarai has travelers from all over the world

Candle Light Dinner, A Unique Setting in the whole of Ladakh. Food is served hot and caters to taste buds of travelers from all over the world

Candle Light Dinner

Recently the tents interiors have been completely refurbished, giving it a modern look. Thick mattress, flat screen LED TV, Bhukhari is a standard in all tents

Tent Interiors