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Soul speak with Karanbir Singh Bedi (Co-owner – Hotel Deyzor)

As you step into the much-acclaimed Hotel Deyzor in Kaza, you will be filled with [...]


Todnam – The Spiti village the world needs to take lessons from

Nestled within Pin Valley, between folds of the Himalayas and vast expanses of nothingness, lies [...]

Life in Spiti Valley – Of homestays, weddings and a broken tractor

A quiet moment in Spiti Valley For a long time now, I have visited the [...]

Dazzling Spiti Winter Drive

Spiti is often known as a world within a world. This is truest in winter, [...]

Spiti Road Trip – Definitive Guide

If you feel most at home in the remote & rugged region of the Himalayas, [...]


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