Policy For Bike Damage


Summary of the Policy:

Ladakh / Spiti is a challenging ride with many obstacles. Stiff climb, numerous switch backs, bumpy and rocky roads, water streams, rains, possibility of snowfall and finally sand on the road.

So the policy of bike damage is broadly divided into 2 parts

  • Damage Due To Fall

When you are crossing a stream or taking a sharp turn or driving through slush, its possible that bike falls. These are all directly charged and repairs done in order to make the bike ready for the next group. No insurance is taken for these damages. 

  • Major Accidents

For major accidents with another vehicle ( bus / car / etc ) insurance claim is made

Damage Details

  • Damage to Clutch 

As our commitment, we will deliver a clutch in excellent condition and if you report any issues in the first 2 days .. we will replace it free of cost .. We proactively change clutch and maintain a schedule for its timely replacement

But if clutch or brakes burn out happens in the middle of the trip or towards the end of the trip, then cost is to be borne by you .. Since this is purely dependent on how the rider rides. Please do note that when you replace the clutch, the oil / filter is also changed so this is replaced as a full set 

Burning of Spark Plug is charges at full 

  • Damages to Shockers / Chains / alternators / wiring 

You are not responsible for any oil / battery / Shocker / engine related issues/ air / oil filters as these are part of regular maintenance of the bike 

  • Damages to Bike Body

Minor damages related to fall of the bike or otherwise for example, tail light damage , damage to fuel tank, side mirror or brake or clutch lever damage are charged on actual basis. Original spare part pricing is applicable .. 

  • Tyre & Tube 

Mechanic are frequently available on the circuit and can fix a puncture .. But if the rider rides on flat tyre and destroys the tube/tyre, cost of tube/tyre will be borne by rider on pro rata basis .. A rider on these circuit as a minimum should know how to fix a puncture 

Regular Tyre / Tube wear and tear is not your responsibility 

  • Accidents

If the bike is involved in a major accident, an insurance claim is made for the repair .. Your security deposit is forfeited . 


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