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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Cancellation And Refund Policy No cancellation charges 30 days prior to departure Between 30 to [...]

Todnam – The Spiti village the world needs to take lessons from

Nestled within Pin Valley, between folds of the Himalayas and vast expanses of nothingness, lies [...]

Policy for SUV Damages

Vehicle Damage Rough terrain of Ladakh & Spiti can cause certain damages which increases overall [...]

Policy For Bike Damage

Summary of the Policy: Ladakh / Spiti is a challenging ride with many obstacles. Stiff [...]

Dazzling Spiti Winter Drive

Spiti is often known as a world within a world. This is truest in winter, [...]

Bhatoli – Corn Village of India

Lines of step-farms lie beyond the houses and post-harvest, they are used in various forms. [...]

5 Best Cafes in Leh simply too good to miss

Cafes in Leh are our favourite attraction in the busy Leh Market! Coffee and travel [...]

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