Ladakh, also known as the land of high passes, is a spectacle to behold. Travelling at these heights, the massive snow-clad peaks seem merely an arm’s reach away. The crisp clean air, the azure skies and the jagged mountains as the backdrop, all leave you awestruck. Go to Ladakh to witness the unparalleled sights, the monasteries atop the rough landscapes and the experience of meeting the locals. 

Manali Leh Road Trip
Manali Leh Route Map

Nestled in the extreme northern end of India, this region is also known as the Trans Himalayan region. The three dominant mountain ranges in this area are the Zanskar, Ladakh and the Stok and they mark the boundary between the Western Himalayas & the vast Tibetan plateau. Even at its lowest in the valleys (for instance, the Nubra Valley), Ladakh boasts of an altitude of 3050m/10500 ft.


Top Places to Eat

Best Restaurants in Leh

Whether you’re an authentic wayfarer who travels to immerse yourself in the local culture or a city-dweller taking respite in the mountains, there is no denying that food is a major part of how satisfactory your trip will be. The most enjoyable trips can suffer from a dip in enthusiasm if the food is not up to the mark. Thankfully, Ladakh has no dearth of great restaurants with food that will leave your stomach full but wanting more. 

From Tibetan food to continental food, burgers and pizzas to noodles, all sorts of cuisine are readily available, especially in Leh. Even in the more remote parts of Ladakh, food is not much of a problem and there is generally something available (maybe even on request) to suit your requirements.

Best Cafes in Leh

Cafes in Leh are our favourite attraction in the busy Leh Market! Coffee and travel are a match made in heaven. Whether it’s your morning cuppa or a break in between a busy day, unwinding over a cup of coffee is essential. With the spurt of cafes in almost all tourist destinations in the country, Leh is leading the way .

Top Hotels in Ladakh

With Ladakh becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, the range of tourist facilities and infrastructure are also growing with every year passing by. There are hotels of all standards as well experiential accommodation such as camps or home-stays. 

With the abundance of options available, how does one choose where to put up? Well, an easy way is to filter out accommodation based on your budget and preference. But it can still get confusing to choose amongst the various hotels in each category. We’ve made the process FAR easier for you by choosing OUR favourites. 

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Planning a trip to ladakh

Planning a trip to Ladakh can be a daunting task, given that the region is so vast and offers variety of experiences. Having travelled to Ladakh multiple times a year for over a decade now, we give you practical information that will help you get a great insight into the region. 

Every traveller has questions like when is the best time to go, does it rain in July/Aug, how is the weather, will it be too cold or hot, what does one need to carry, can you bring your kids along etc. This is the article that every traveller must read before planning a trip to Ladakh.

Planning a Family Trip To Ladakh

In our experience, most families prefer less travel and would like to explore Ladakh at a more leisurely pace while some might want to step into the wilderness. The article lists the possible options for your family. 

Plan The Perfect Road Trip By SUV

Road trip enthusiast? There’s nothing quite like traversing the terrain of Ladakh in a SUV, retaining control of the wheel and marvelling at the sights along the way.  Read on to know how to plan your road trip.

Planning A Thrilling Bike Trip to Ladakh

One of the most popular ways to explore Ladakh, especially for the ones with a need for thrill, riding a bike through the highways and passes is beyond extraordinary. However, it requires meticulous planning and attention to detail, which we provide in this article.

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