Policy for SUV Damages

Policy for SUV Damages 1

Vehicle Damage

Rough terrain of Ladakh & Spiti can cause certain damages which increases overall repair burden. In order to be totally transparent in this regard, the policy clearly states what will be chargeable to the guest and what will be borne by Unwind Outdoor 

  • Dents & Minor Damages

    • For example, a bumper repair, a door repair and paint, a side view mirror replacement to be recovered as per actuals. Under body damages are also recovered directly. 

  • Damages to Tyre Side Wall 
    • Regular tread wear and tear is responsibility of Unwind Outdoor. Cuts on the side wall means the tyre has to be replaced. Pro – rata basis tyre cost will be recovered from the Guest
  • Damages to Clutch 
    • Pro-rata basis cost of clutch will be recovered from the guest. We already assume a reduced life of the clutch given the rough terrain, for example Scorpio clutch life is taken as 60,000 kms while normally the clutch can easily last 100,000 kms. 
  • Major Damages & Accidents

    • Insurance claim will be filed and depreciation amount & parts which are not covered under insurance will be recovered from the Guest .The assessment of damage made by Unwind Outdoor will be final. For transparency, the Authorised Service Centre estimate will be shared with the Guest.

  • Basic Procedure & Refund of Security 
    • Upon the arrival of the car, it shall be taken to the workshop for inspection, any damage pertaining to the car respect to interior/ exterior or mechanical damage, the details of estimate will be shared with the Guest. In case of no damages found, refund initiated within 2 working days.

  • Part Failure 
    • Any Mechanical / Electrical Part failure is the responsibility of Unwind Outdoor. All costs pertaining to it will be borne by us


  • Unwind Outdoor will deliver a clean and washed car and its the responsibility of the guest to keep the car clean. If any food / oil stains on the upholstery / Floor mats is observed dry cleaning charges will be applicable. Smoking inside the car is not allowed. If smoking smell is found, dry cleaning charges will be deducted. 

Replacement Vehicle 

  • In the event of vehicle breakdown in remote areas, due to some fault in the Car, Unwind Outdoor will dispatch an Alternate vehicle from the nearest station like Srinagar, Manali , Kargil or Leh. This will ensure that you have uninterrupted service during the lease period. The Guest responsibility is to take the car to the nearest safe point / workshop where we can organise its repairs. The replacement vehicle in remote areas will not be a self drive vehicle but a taxi. 
  • In more accessible areas like Rishikesh / Jaipur from Delhi / Chandigarh and an alternate Self Drive Vehicle will be provided

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