Winter Drive Essential Clothing

Winters in Himalayas are brutal with temperatures dipping to -30 C at high altitudes especially at 15,000 ft. At around the 11,000 to 12,000 ft the temperatures drops to -18 C which is good enough to freeze water / food / vegetables.

One needs special clothing for this climate so that you can enjoy the outdoors.

  • The extremities of the body i.e. head, feet and hands needs to be specially protected as maximum heat loss happens through here.
  • If your feet gets cold once, it may take few hours to get your core temperature up and you will feel extremely cold.
  • Covering your head with a beanie or a hood will immediately bring more warmth
  • It’s important to keep hands covered. Gloves are essential
  • Even, warm socks are very very important for the trip
  • Snow Shoes are critical too. Shoes that are warm and water proof.
  • Sun is extremely bright and blinding on a clear day. The snow reflects the sun light and can blind you totally. So anti glares are also vitally important
Winter Drive Essential Clothing 1
Winter Drive Essential Clothing 2
  • 2 Pair of Warm Socks and Warm Shoes from Decathlon
  • Snow shoes help to keep your feet warm in snow for long. It repels water and choose one with high ankle as it will prevent snow to enter inside. 
  • Do carry Regular Socks as well where the temperatures are moderate
Winter Drive Essential Clothing 3
Winter Drive Essential Clothing 4
Winter Drive Essential Clothing 5
Winter Drive Essential Clothing 6

Wear Clothing in layers

  • Layer 1: Thermal Inner Layer, this is your inner most layer. If the temperature is not extreme, you can replace this with a quick dry T Shirt. Even thermal lower is important in extreme weather. 
  • If you can, buy a special winter lower as well
  • Layer 2:  A fleece Jacket or a pullover ( tight fit ) 
  • Layer3: Down Jacket. Buy 2 of these one for extreme temperatures and one for regular winter temperatures. 
Winter Drive Essential Clothing 7
Winter Drive Essential Clothing 8

Cover your Feet and Hands. 

  • Ensure your hands can do work with the gloves, for example fixing the snow chains, shovel, driving etc. 
  • Buy active gloves
  • Buy a jacket with a hoodie or better have both a hat and a hood. 

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