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A life of sin and migrating – The Changpas of Ladakh

  Changpas of Ladakh are a lesser-known tribe. When we hear the word tribe, the [...]

Todnam – The Spiti village the world needs to take lessons from

Nestled within Pin Valley, between folds of the Himalayas and vast expanses of nothingness, lies [...]

Life in Spiti Valley – Of homestays, weddings and a broken tractor

A quiet moment in Spiti Valley For a long time now, I have visited the [...]

Bhatoli – Corn Village of India

Lines of step-farms lie beyond the houses and post-harvest, they are used in various forms. [...]

Brokpas, Baltis and more – The tribes of Ladakh

Ladakh is one of the last standing places in the country with a variety of [...]

Ladakh Apricot Blossoms – A Nature Lover’s Paradise

Holiday Plan Summary for Ladakh Apricot Blossom ( April )  You will arrive in Leh [...]

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