Sangti Valley – A turn into a whole new world

  A turn from Dirang leads to the Sangti Valley, 7 kms in. But those [...]

The Living Root Bridges of Meghalaya

Home to the two wettest places on Earth, Meghalaya also boasts of the marvel of [...]

Lessons to be learnt from the people of Mawlynnong

Mawlynnong almost seems like a utopian paradise, with its beautiful clean streets and literate population, [...]

12 Festivals of Ladakh that colour the region spectacularly

The festivals of Ladakh are similar in a lot of aspects but also different in [...]

Soul Speak with Isa Khan (Travel Influencer & Photographer par excellence)

The age of Instagram has thrown up some really talented individuals – people with a [...]

Why Rishikesh should be your first travel destination after COVID-19

While we’re dreaming of travelling and suggesting places to visit, we do not in any [...]

Soul speak with Karanbir Singh Bedi (Co-owner – Hotel Deyzor)

As you step into the much-acclaimed Hotel Deyzor in Kaza, you will be filled with [...]


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